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Meet Our Blogger of the Week: Maisha Amusa
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Maisha is a native of Midwestern, USA and has a bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzzzzzzzou-Raaaaaaah). After graduating from college she relocated to Texas where she currently works in a Genitourinary Medical Oncology clinic. While she finds her career very rewarding and stimulating, she's always had a passion for beauty, fashion, entertaining, cooking, traveling, living a charmed life and issues regarding personal growth thus giving her the motivation and fuel to create That IT Girl.

Blog Description: In no way do I have all of the answers, nor am I a formally trained expert. Maisha made the decision to create That IT Girl to take a fun, and whimsical approach to teaching other women, as well as herself, the art of cultivating the essence of being the “fairer sex.” Her vision for That IT Girl is to be a hybrid one-stop resource of fashion and beauty advice, interviews, lifestyle features, and reviews. She wants to not only uplift all women and help create a sense of confidence, independence and passion for life but challenge them to go against the grain and dare to embrace being a woman.


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