Meet Our Blogger of the Week: Lynne Gabriel
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Fashion is not new to Lynne, growing up in a made-to-order clothing boutique in the Philippines owned by her mom. The boutique had about 15 employees and a fashion designer. She remembers seeing a dress that she liked on a catalogue and in a couple of days or so, it was finished. Lynne loved how easy it was to get “designer” clothes back then. Her mother's business is what raised her and her brother and what paid for their schooling.

However, Lynne never studied anything related to the fashion business. She went into the medical field, and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Technology. But who would have thought several years later that the fashion blood still ran in her veins. She's not the only fashionista in her family. It runs through her mom (after all she’s the original and the only one in the family that has a fashion business), cousins, and her Aunt who lovingly sends her purses and clothes from time to time.

Her fashion/personal style blog is under a year old, with May marking the 8th month of her blog.  Lynne is truly grateful to God for all the opportunities and sponsorships that have come my way and still coming my way. There was a difficult season in her life and shopping for cute clothes became her outlet. Her mom encouraged her to blog. It took a little convincing but she finally decided to give it a try and hasn't looked back since. Lynne's mom is a huge part of her blog. She’s the one who takes the photos of her outfit and gives an opinions on the outfits that Lynne puts together.  She also helps Lynne in selecting pieces from the sponsors.


  1. Lynn is gorgeous inside and out! beautiful!

    -Monica xo


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