Photos 101: Watermarking

Photos are an important part of any blogger's content, whether they have been covering an event or just taking style photos. But after all that hard work, do you want your photos used in a manner in which you didn't authorize? When you you watermark your photos, you help protect them. Here's how to get started with watermarking.

How to Watermark

Watermarking is fairly easy and can be done in any photo editing software such as Picasa, which offers an automatic watermarking feature. For this demonstration, I will be using PicMonkey, which is an alternative to the now closed Picnik.

1: Make a text box.

if your photo editor has a text box function, you can easily add your watermark. Great areas to place your photos are in the corners.
Placing a faded out watermark over the entire photo or smack dab in the middle gives an impression that you do not want to be contacted about using your photos. It also could inhibit the reader from seeing the full detail of your photo.

2. Decide what text you want to display.

Here on HFB we label our photos with Houston Fashion Bloggers. When it comes to labelling your photos, Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to present your photos as an individual? Then label them with your name. Do you want to direct people to your blog? Then use your blog address. Do you just want to show your blog name? Then put that!

If you want the watermark to be visible, but less obvious, you can fade it out, as I did mine above.

Your Legal Rights: Protecting Your Photos

Creative Commons offers free licenses that you can display on your blog to help protect not only your photos, but your content as well. You can read all about each of their licences and decide which one you want here. If you want to allow people to use your photos, I suggest using the Attribution-NoDerivs license (read about it here). CC offers more restricting licenses, But if you can't decide which one you want to use, this will help you choose. DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) also offers tools to help protect your content as well. If you see an infringement of your rights, you can organize a "takedown". Learn more about that here.

I hope these tools help you in protecting your photos. Stay tuned for a post containing more info on protecting your content and your blogging legal rights!

♥Olivia Smith


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