Tips for Hosting An Event

As Fashion Bloggers, one of the best ways to network with the fashion industry is to attend fashion events, but what if you want to host your own party? A lot of bloggers have side businesses, whether they are a stylist, own a store, sell jewelry, etc, and sometimes you may want people to come out and network with you and see all that you have to offer.  Here are HFB's tips for hosting an event.

  1. Visual Stimulation
    As you know by being a blogger, most people enjoy images and visual stimulation over a bunch of text, and it's mostly because the busy world that we live in a lot of people don't have time to read a novella of information. If you can, you should consider creating a flyer for your event with all the pertinent information. If you aren't good at creating flyers maybe recruit someone to help you out with this task. You can make flyers in tools as simple as Microsoft Word.Minimal information to include:
    -Brief description of the event and what will be happening at event
    -Date, Time, Location
    -Are you charging a fee or is your event free
    -Where to purchase tickets
    -Where to RSVP
    -Contact for questions

  2. Utilize the Internet
    Almost everyone uses the internet nowadays and while the personal touch of snail mail invites is still a practice used, you should also back that up with online invitations.
    -Evite - is a great online tool that's free that allows you to created electronic invitations that you email to your guests
    -Facebook - Create an event on facebook and invite people on facebook to join the event.  With this you can send event messages to those that you have invited and answer any questions directly from your guests. Make sure you actually put information in the description because the image/flyer you upload as photo will be too small for people to read, and they will want to know details about the event.  Include links to anywhere they have to go to purchase tickets.
    -Eventbrite-A lot of people use eventbrite for their guests to purchase tickets or just to RSVP even if the event is free
    -Email - Email a distribution list (with the flyer) and some text about the event. 

  3. Personal Touch
    As mentioned before, people do still enjoy the personal touch of a mailed invitation, or an invitation handed to them by hand, but these items can easily become lost in a swarm of mail, so it's best to follow up with an electronic version. Also if you are trying to attract new clientele, you may want to peruse local stores near you and ask them if you could put up a flyer about your event or leave some cards about it at their register for their customers to pick up.

  4. Promoting Your Event
    If no one knows about your event, no one is going to come.  It's best not to wait until the last minute to promote your event. You should start getting the word out as soon as you have all the details organized and set-up. Tips for promoting your event:
    -Post your flyer on your blog
    -Write a blog post about your event
    -Tell your friends & family so that they can share your event
    -Ask your bloggy friends to post about the event on their blogs
    -Tweet about your event
    -Post on your personal facebooks and blog fanpages
    -If you are trying to obtain press about your event contact local media outlets (tv stations, newspapers, online newsites) about listing your event. You may have to pay a fee for some sites.

  5. Follow-Up/Reminder
    Be sure to send out reminders as your event gets closer.



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