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Blogger of the Week: Brandie Randolph
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Brandie Randolph was instilled with a love of the English language and a love of well written literature early in life. Throughout high school and college, she took literature and grammar classes as electives. Her undergrad is in Marketing/Public Relations and she is currently pursuing her Master’s in English. Brandie considers it a privilege for an author to allow her to be a part of their creative journey.  “I am not hired to re-write or ghost write; I am hired to ensure that the author's words are conveyed correctly and consistently.  I encourage all authors to research the Editor and/or editing service before handing over any work.” Thus was born her editing company, Editing Couture, editing for the informed author. Brandie edits all genres (including poetry and Urban Literature) and is versed in all writing styles and manuals. She makes herself available to discuss any final edits with the author, page by page, if necessary.  The fee varies from light to heavy editing and, of course, whether or not typesetting is required.

Brandie is also the Editor in Chief and PR Rep for From a Writers Point of View print magazine and Marketing for the DC Book Diva. She has a column with Black Literature Magazine in which she give tips and tricks for the publishing world. She is also the Cupcake Correspondent Columnist for Princess Dominique. In addition, Brandie is the Publisher of her fashion site, chicFABu, where she does reviews, blogging, and marketing for clients such as La Bella Elise and Lauren Luna.   chicFABu is a combination of chic and FABulous! It was birthed from the love of fabulosity and the fact that "fabulous is a process." Every woman has the fab factor and I'm here to help bring it out of everyone!

You can find Brandie and chicFABu on the following sites:
Editing Company:
Phone: 832-543-3480


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