Pressing The Blog: The ABC's of Creating a Press Kit and A Giveaway

As Bloggers, we are constantly involved in the ever changing and evolving media industry( PR, Marketing, Journalist, Event Management) reporting on events, subjects and lifestyles for our blogs. Bloggers  tend to have a creative edge in the writing industry, and when done right it usually leads to having a large following( successful site in blogger world!) A large following now advocates the infamous blogger actually get some press of their own. Getting press attention as a blogger is actually a pretty easy start up process with the first and most important parts being creating a press kit. As an actual publicist  and blogger I wanted to share the ABC's of creating a press kit along with the 123's of when to send one out.

What's a Press Kit?: A press/media kit is a kaleidoscope portfolio of who and what your brand/company is and what it offers whether it a actual product or service. The brand/company can be  for profit, non profit or a personal brand. A traditional press kit is composed of a release2. a one sheet 3. a fact sheet  4. sometimes a promotional product( ex. video, CD, branded item like a iPad holder)

What's a press release, fact sheet and one sheet?:  1. A press release is a one page statement to media about your brand/company usually centered around  a particular event that will occur in the near future. Ex: The launch of your newly designed blog or the release of you new collection of python clutches. All brands should have a base press release on file.  2. A One Sheet is a one page  professional  bio of a the owner of a brand/owner.  It is not a resume.  3. A Fact sheet is one page  bio of your brand/company. It includes base facts such as website URL, contact #, address and specific info such establishment date, company mission statement.

Why do I need a Press Kit?:  As you gain a large following, people will want to write about you in some form of media. A press kit is crucial because it the standard that editors will review to get information about you. It's efficient and straight to the point. The average editor gets hundreds of press kits a day and only spends about 60-90 seconds briefing through each.  With this being said, keep your kit relevant and in standard form.

When to send a press kit?  A press kit is usually sent when your company is having a newsworthy event such as  a product or service launch.
Press Kit Tips:
  • Most press kits are sent electronically. If you decide to send your kit via snail mail, make sure you use quality paper and envelopes to send your info in. Which ever version you use  make sure your grammar and spelling is 100 %. Having errors in these areas can kill your press kit immediately.
  • If you are a blogger send the traditional press kit first but have a statical sheet prepared with your #followers, blogs sponsors, etc.. on hand for follow up with the media.
  • If you have a pertinent promotional product include it with  the press kit.
  • Remember a press kit is a very factual document, so keep it honest, realistic and creative.
  • Lastly, publicist are service providers  highly skilled in the art of creating press kits.  I would strongly suggest hiring a publicist to create your initial kit. Fees for creating kits vary but usually start at $450 and up. It's an expense that's worth it to get your name out in the media professionally.
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  1. Love this post. Thanks for clarifying these terms. Look forward to your giveaway.

  2. Thank you so much. I really needed this!!

  3. This is a great post! I've been really thinking about if/how I need to do a press kit and provided good reasons why. Thanks!

    Taylor Brione

  4. Love this post. Full of great information! As a new fashion blogger and a PR student, I think I'll be able to put this advice to good use! Thanks!

    Lindsay Buchanan


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