Quick Blog Maintenance Tips

The small details of your blog are just as important as the content.  Clutter and outdated information can be a huge turnoff to a potential reader.  This is why performing regular maintenance on your blog is important.

If you are new to blogging, and you don't have a lot of content and/or links on your blog then a quick maintenance will suffice.  If you are a novice blogger or have lots of external links, then you may benefit from a more detailed maintenance. 

While I try to make a habit of thoroughly maintaining my blog, I also take the following steps to quickly maintain my blog each month:

* Check all Plug-Ins:  Review and purge all unnecessary plug-ins that may be creating clutter on your blog.  Check to be sure that all are working properly.  You may want to remove any plug-ins that are not beneficial to your blog or cause your site to load slowly.

*Scan all Banners/Photos:  Take a quick look at your banner and any other photos on your site to be sure that they are still pertinent to your blog topic.  Quickly check your "About" page to be sure that you have an updated photo.  You may also want to check for any sizing or quality issues that you may have previously overlooked.  Consider a banner update if you have been rocking the same one for the last couple of years.

*Review your Color Schemes:  Check to be sure that your color schemes make sense, and are not a distraction to your blog's content.  Visit your blog as a reader to determine if your current color scheme matches the image that you are trying to convey.  If not, take the time to refresh your background, add a logo or clean up the overall color scheme on your blog.

*Test and Update Auto Responders:  Make sure that your auto responders and forms have the correct information, and are working properly.  You may have to test it out to be sure that your readers are receiving the response you have chosen.

How often do you perform a blog maintenance, and what steps do you take to get the job done?

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