AUGUST BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: Valerie of Val Verde Style

I'm a 30 something wife, 'tomboy diva', addicted to fitness (I love crossfit), sports fanatic, foodie who enjoys travel and has a new found passion for fashion.  A native of North Carolina with an industrial engineering degree from North Carolina State University, I eventually found my way to Houston  after living in Chicago and a few other places.  Once I graduated college and started working as an engineer, 90% of my coworkers were men and in order to fit in I downplayed my curves – basically my standard outfit was a polo and pants for years.  Most of the time I was limiting my personal style and I decided something had to give…I had all these clothes that I only wore on the weekend and I loved putting on fashion shows at home to style looks but always felt I had to wait for some special event to wear them.  So I started incorporating pieces into my looks at the office and expressing my personal style 24/7.  I love to ‘remix’ my wardrobe to maximize my pieces and try a variety of looks because I get BORED!

Tell us about your blog and goals for your blog:
Val Verde Style is my personal style blog where I showcase my looks, provide tips on incorporating trends and give my readers a little peek into my world.  My goals for blogging are to express my style, give ideas to others and hopefully inspire someone to break free and be authentic.  As long as I continue to have fun, blogging is here to stay.

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger? 
I really enjoy how I get to push my personal style - I'm always evolving and trying to keep things fresh & exciting.  I also love the community that exists within blogging - we all have something in common and instant bonds can be made with people from all over the globe.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers? 
Because Google is my friend!  I was pondering with the idea of starting a blog in early 2012 and was doing a bit of research when I found the group.  I decided what better way to get started then to meet others and learn from them.

You can Valerie & Val Verde Style on the following sites! 


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