HFB Interviews Heidi Dillon - Reality TV Star and Founder of The Fashionistas

About a month ago, members of Houston Fashion Bloggers had the opportunity to interview Heidi Dillon, founder of The Fashionistas, and star of The Style Network's Big Rich Texas.  About 10 of us interviewed her, and here are some of the most interesting questions:

From Tamara of Malibu Mara
In starting The Fashionistas Heidi  stated "Flashes of inspiration led to the inception of "The Fashionistas.” She  chaired other events in the past and got sick of being around the homogenized group and wanted to do something else. She has faced adversity but explained that is expected when it comes to bringing a new idea to the table. “Getting something new off the ground is always a struggle.-Heidi Dillon”

I asked about how she dealt with the obstacles of trying to get this cause accepted by Dallas society and she replied, "As an artist, I have always dealt with rejection." She went on to explain that both of her degrees are fine arts based! Heidi Dillon knows her stuff when it comes to art, and it clicked at that moment how she has such a sophisticated eye!

There is always a misconception when it comes to style and Texas. Heidi is not originally from Texas, but she knows that Dallas is not full of rodeo clowns! In speaking to people who are not from Texas they are shocked to know that it is not as "western" as it is usually perceived."I have no clue what a ten gallon hat looks like, everyone I know wears Louboutins."
For Mara’s full interview go here:

From Ahshia Berry of A to B
Heidi informed me that the Dallas based non-profit organization The Fashionistas founded in 2005 is hybrid hub for launching the careers of local fashion designers, artist and independents in the fashion industry.

Heidi revealed that The Fashionistas feel education is primary and have a developed a program appropriately named Fashion Talk lecture series, which gives participants of the Fashionista’s a bird’s eye view access to some national and international fashion insiders. 

Heidi informed me that The Fashionistas have had the pleasure to work with Project Runways Shirin Askari and upcoming independent designer Jefferey Henley, of JC Penney fame and others. In the future Heidi said she would like to expand the organization into other cities such as Houston, Austin, etc…

From Jeneba of Habitually Haute Events
What Heidi loves about The Fashionistas organization is the opportunity to bring a broad range of people together from all walks of life. When asked which local Dallas boutiques she frequents she said, ” There are so many great local boutiques, but right now my favorites are Forty Five TenV.O.D. Boutique, and Elements”.

What is fashionista Heidi Dillon currently wearing? Her favorites designers at the moment include Helmut Lang, Jill Sanders, Donna Karen, and of course Chanel. Like me, she loves to mix and match edgy and traditional, and high and low price points.    She dishes, ” Right now, I am wearing a $60 ring from Ebay”!  Her style staples are LBD’s and LBJ’s (Little Black Jackets) and daytime uniform includes skinny jeans, a gorgeous top, and great pair of designer shoes.

When asked about trend projections for 2013, Heidi, in haute style simply said, ” The best fashionistas have been people who dress to fit their personalities instead of following trends. Fashion is about taking stuff that means something in your life and translating that into your own style. You have to pick and choose trends very carefully and remember that great style never goes out of style”.
For Jeneba’s full interview go here:

From Shasie of Live Life in Style
Shasie recorded her interview with Heidi Dillon and you can listen to it here:

Hope you enjoyed learning about this go-getting Fashionista!

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