Last Thursday, September 6th, was a night to remember as cities around the globe participated in Fashion's Night Out (FNO).  For those unfamiliar with FNO, you can learn more about the event here:  For the first time in it's 4 years, I had the pleasure of being in New York for FNO on Thursday.  I could really sum it up in 3 words: Amazing, Overwhelming, & Fashion.

Amazing, because it felt like the entire city of New York was participating...every store, every person (I might be exaggerating a little bit) but people were clambering around from store to store dressed in their best personal style ensembles and I felt like everyone was just a big happy fashionable community. The stores had everything from champagne & cocktails to light bits, discounts, contest, freebies, etc.  From smaller known boutiques to heavy hitters like Bergdorf Goodman, it seemed that if you weren't open for FNO, that you totally missed the memo.

In line to meet Stacy London at New York & Company

Fashionista/os in line to meet Rachel Zoe at Piperlime (SoHo)

Overwhelming because at the same time that #FNONY was amazing and fun, there was soooo much going on that it was hard to decide what to do or where to go, or how to get from one place to another fast enough.  I tend to struggle during times like this, because I want to see everything and feel like I didn't miss out on anything, but unless you clone yourself for FNO, it's literally impossible to get to every store listing.  Almost every brand-name store had a celeb hosting a meet and greet, whether it was a fashion designer, actor/actress, athlete, they were there at FNO in full force. Of course you want to see all of them! Who doesn't want to see Solange Knowles DJing at DVF in the meat packing district, but also meet Rachel Zoe at Piperlime in Soho? See the dilemma? If we could have just walked in and got a picture with the elite, without waiting in lines that would have helped too, but when you only have 4 hours to try and take in as much as you can, you probably don't want to spend it in line just to meet one person.  I've decided that if I'm in New York next year, I'm going to pick one area to stay in to explore during FNO, because hopping on the metro from one end of town to the next was crazy!!

Just a few of the famous people hosting events around the city. Photos taken from instagrammers sharing on


Fashion - Being that the event is called Fashion's Night Out, you would expect for everyone to arrive in style...and they did.  A lot of the patrons took their personal styles to the next levels, and so did employees at the stores.  The stores themselves had their most fashionable products on display, and whether they were offering discounts, or not there was tons to be seen.


I did so much walking that night between soho and midtown that even now 3 days later my legs still hurt, but would I do it again? But of course!? There's no FNO like FNO in New York!

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