My name is Mara and I am the creator and voice of! Im a 20- something chica from Houston, and I just graduated with my degree in Fashion merchandising.I have been keeping a blog since freshman year of all things inspirational. It has morphed from only a fashion to style into music and lifestyle blog as well. I love how you can see how much I have grown throughout my blog, it's almost like a diary of my life for the past 4 years. Now I'm a big girl working in the big city; and life is just as fabulous as ever.

What is your blog about and your goals for your blog?
My blog is honestly what inspires me at the moment. You can find events I have been to, the latest trends, or the latest music that I am in to. I really started it as a way to keep an online database of inspiration for my projects in my fashion classes. It kinda caught on and inspired more than just me. I am really grateful for that. I really just want to keep posting and keep gaining readership. I love answering questions for a lot of my younger readers! I would in the future like to work with more sponsors and just keep growing and posting.

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
I like networking and meeting other bloggers. I also like how my blog is my own outlet and my opinions on what I think style is. I think its cool to express my creativity and opinion and have thousands of people read it every month.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
When I moved back to Houston from college I knew that I was tired of being the only blogger or only person interested in going to fashion shows or events. I liked the idea of having a group of people with common interests that I could hang out with periodically. I like hearing from other bloggers and how they work, we're all so different. I think it's really fun and I'm glad I joined!

You can find Mara and her blog Malibu Mara on the following sites:
INSTAGRAM: Malibumara 


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