Houston Blogger Symposium ~ Recap

The first Houston Blogger Symposium was held Saturday, September 15th at the Hotel Zaza. 
Over 100 bloggers came together to learn about networking and how the blogging industry
has become an important part of advertising for businesses. Both large and small. Advertising on blogs can bring a business media attention and brand awareness that expand their viewers differently than a commercial on t.v. or a radio spot. Opinions of products and product endorsements have become an important part of advertisement for businesses partnering with bloggers.

Starting the morning off with a brunch catered my the Zaza hotel. 
We visited over bagels and fruit parfait's while sipping on champagne and coffee. 
Bloggers were able to meet new bloggers and catch up with friends. 

Houston Fashion Bloggers
 Shalanda, of www.live-life-in-style.com 
and Tomekia of Ride N die 4 Fashion. 
Also were mommy bloggers and lifestyle bloggers along 
with fashion bloggers. All came together for a wonderful, informative afternoon.

A panel of sponsors shared some of the do's and don'ts that they look for in a
blog before sponsoring. Answers varied from consistency of 
blog posts to numbers of viewers. Mostly, they look for similarities of their products with 
the blog and weather or not the two go hand in hand. You sure don't want a mommy
blog discussing formula spit up on a silk scarf. 
"Of course us Mom's, know all about spit up on good clothes!"

Panel of Sponsors
Left to Right
Meg Jones ~Reward Style
Julianne Agno ~ Francesca's Collection
Divina Hirsh ~ Langford Market
Megan Silianoff ~ Host of Symposium

Several sponsors for the event had booths of their beautiful clothing and jewelry. 
Two of the sponsors included Langford Market and impeccable pig.
 Also, Francesca's Collection, Stripedshirt.com and Em&Lee/Willa boutique.

Langford Market

the impeccable pig

I learned so much information about blogging and how it can become a full time business.
The ladies at the symposium were full of wonderful information and I believe everyone enjoyed 
all the information given. I know there are a few key points that I will be implementing in the future.

 I wore a white Mark Zunino tunic paired with black tights and Jimmy Choo biker boots. My accessories are a white, black and gray pearl necklace that I recently made.  A pearl & silver bracelet made by Honora and purchased through QVC. Pearl earrings, a sterling silver ring and a set of 7 pearl bracelets all purchased from Silpada Design Jewelry. 

Have a Fabulous Day!


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