What's in a Name? 3 Tips on Naming Your Blog

As a blogger, I've struggled with finding a name for my blog. When I started out I was Love, Livy, then Stylistic Thoughts, after that I was LE LIVY, Then I became I'd Wear That, which I am now, for a short time. A lot of people will ask me, "Why do you keep changing your blog name?" The thing is, I was never completely satisfied with my my blog name, and I'm still not. Each one that I have had just didn't seem to fit the message on my blog or describe my blog completely. Although they are all good names, I just wasn't feeling it. How can you find your perfect blog name? Here's some tips:

  • Evaluate the message of your blog.

Ask yourself these questions: What is my blog showcasing? How do I showcase my content? What is something I want to stand out from my blog?

  • Look at it from a reader's perspective.

Think about it: If you were someone looking to read blogs, and knowing that you want readers to be engaged, how would you want to portray your blog? You wouldn't want your blog to be called "lover of shoes" and you are constantly talking about bags, right? 

  • Let it be descriptive, but not descriptive enough. 

You want to draw people into your blog, not say everything in one line. Engaging people is one of the keys to successful blogging. for example Lover of Shoes: Chronicles of the Shoe Store Life (www.loverofshoes.com) is much more engaging then Olivia Smith is a Lover of Shoes Check Them Out (oliviasmithisaloverofshoescheckthemout.com)

How did you come up with your blog name? Are you satisfied with it? Would love to here your stories!


  1. I named my blog A dose of Shann.. My name is Shannon, I took the Shann part, then "dose" is in reference to medicine. A daily dosage of me ;)

  2. I have been blogging, in my free time, for a while. I just recently came across a name that I love, and I'm running with it. I have even bout two URL's using the name. I am planning to debut this new blog at the beginning of 2013. I've never felt so in love with my blog's name until now.

    My advice to those searching for a blog name is, it's never too late to change. Your audience comes to your site for content, not your cute name. Now later, once you find a solid name you can stick with and create a brand or lifestyle around it, then you are stuck with the name forever. LOL


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