HFB Interviews: Mattie James

Here at HFB, we were able to interview the lovely Mattie James, founder of the style blog Mattieologie and also blogger groups Atlanta Style Bloggers and Style Bloggers of Color.We were honored to be able to interview her about blogging and style. Read on to see what she says!

"What inspired you to start blogging?"
Honestly, it was my lackluster retail management job. I was about to get married and knew this isn't what I wanted to be doing as I became a "woman" (getting married, buying first home, etc.). So, I quit and got internships at a radio station and a well known spirits company. It ignited my creativity and hustle. Shortly thereafter, I started Mattieologie.

"What bloggers inspire you?"
It's funny because all types of bloggers inspire - not just style focused bloggers. While I enjoy Jules of Sincerely Jules, Folake of Style Pantry and others - it's not just their style that motivates me but I appreciate their consistency. To produce quality content daily is intense. I also love A Bowl Full of Lemons - organization rules! - and Marcus Troy because he's so innovative. 
"How do you use social media?"
 I use it as another avenue for readers to get to my content and also to get to know me. On Twitter, I not only talk about style but I also talk about the game or my favorite TV shows. I feel like I've gotten new readers through organic dialogue like that. Facebook is a bit tougher, but I use it to post pictures, quotes and things I like. Instagram is my new favorite and rapidly growing. It's just so much fun to tell people your story through pictures. But whatever the social media handle, I also direct it back to Mattieologie.
"What advice could you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?"
If content is king, consistency is queen. Do not give up just because you don't see instant results and aren't getting the opportunities other bloggers are. Blog as regularly and efficiently as you can. Find a niche and master it. What do you do better than others? Or differently than others? And as cliche as it sounds, be yourself because it's necessary.
"Any tips on working with brands?"
Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. The money, access and resources are there. Blogging is still very new and brands don't always understand a blogger's value. It's our responsibility to show them why we're valuable and why working with us is an advantage. Pitch them creative ideas that can only be executed by you because of your POV, connection with other bloggers or readers. It's important to not just wait for opportunities with brands. Create them.

"With success of Atlanta Style Bloggers (and other groups) how important is a support group? And how do you manage everything?"
Support groups are very important. I created both Atlanta Style Bloggers and Style Bloggers of Color because I wanted to be around like minded people who maybe went through the same thing I did. As I said earlier, blogging is still very new. Not everyone gets it. So it's a relief when you can talk to someone who does get it.
"Top 5 classic wardrobe staples?
Little black dress. I love the one I have from BB Dakota
The perfect pair of denim. Current/Elliott and Madewell have yet to do me wrong
A statement accessory. It doesn't always have to be a necklace either. Some amazing earrings cause quite the stir.
A trench. With an umbrella, perfect for rain. With a chunky scarf, perfect for cold.
The button up shirt. It doesn't have to be white (even though you can't go wrong there).


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome interview HFB! It's an honor.


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