Ahshia Berry contributes over 14 years of experience in business development, marketing and sales driven public relations in luxury consumer products, nonprofits, and sustainable brands. As a native of New Orleans, Ahshia brings a unique element of intuition to brands that exude art and culture. A publicist by trade, her strengths benefit clients through savvy and innovative campaigns using modern tactics in public relations, marketing, and business development. She has launched emerging fashion and accessory designers into retailers with creative fashion events that constantly produce a strong return on investment. Her marketing talents include target list development and securing collaborative partnerships. Ahshia’s astute business insight has helped contribute to the success of major brand leaders such as Starbucks and Urban Outfitters in nontraditional markets. Previously Ahshia ran her own PR firm called Events & Lagniappe PR which catered to emerging fashion brands and sustainable non profits that launched such creative brands like P.S. You’re Lovely and P.S. You’re Handsome. Ms. Berry is currently the business development director and publicist with Zapatero Bucaram PR and continues to do freelance public relations consulting.

Giving back to the community is as important to Ms. Berry as her success in developing brands for clients of Zapatero Bucaram Public Relations. Ms. Berry takes her PR and business development skills and puts them to good use by serving on the following boards: Devereux Young Ambassadorsas the PR Chair, and Sustainable Houston as the Public Relations Chairperson. In addition to being a partner and the business development director for Zapatero Bucaram Public Relations, Ahshiai is the bespoke blogger and the founder of the fashion blog "From A_to_B: The Branded Lifestyle of Ahshia B." Ms. Berry is a speaker on the emerging business circuit in the greater Houston area.

From A_to_B: The Branded Lifestyle of Ahshia B. Blog Facts

What’s "From A_to_B":

From A_to_B: The Branded Lifestyle of Ahshia B is publicist Ahshia Berry personal take on luxury lifestyle Fashion, Beauty, Health/Wellness , Food , Art and Travel. As a publicist I am constantly on a go and "on stage". My blog let’s readers get a inside view and behind the scences of the fabulous world of the above lifestyle topics from a publicist point of view with a personal twist to it. As a avid reader and writing being a huge part of my professional persona, I thought how great would it be to blog about my crazy yet fabulous world of PR. In addition friends, family, and clients are always coming to me for the latest on the fashion, art, etc…, so I decided blogging about it would be a great way to get this info to the masses.

Goals for From A_to_B:

My blog goals for the 2013 year: 1. Post twice a week for the first 90 days starting the week of Jan. 7th and then 3x a week thereafter. 2. Increase my blog followers and social media followers for the blog. 3. Network more for my blog and with HFB. 4. Update my blog format and insert new design by June 1, 2013. 5. Capture more one on one interview and features.
What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about being a blogger is the creative writing outlet it allows me on my favorite topics and connecting with my followers.

Why did you choose to join HFB?
I remember meeting HFB’s founder Shalanda at an event at Fox Hollow when she first started HFB and I thought this is a great idea for bloggers to collaborate and I just felt an all around good spirit about Shalanda. The group has blossomed and become quite a success!

Social Media Outlets:
FB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/FromAtoBranded


  1. I'm really a fan of her blog! I'm so happy that she finally got featured here, I'm so proud of here. She definitely walks the talk.


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