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I am a fun-loving, energetic, and everyday working woman with a zest for life that reaches beyond the everyday. I sincerely appreciate each day as it comes because it's so unpredictable. I am probably best described by a term my friends and family created, "girlie tomboy", as it is definitely befitting of me and personality; as well as, a great compliment to my name (which not too many females have). Like most women, I truly enjoy wearing heels, dressing up, getting my hair/nails/make-up done, being pampered, and shopping. But, the tomboy in me finds balance and peace in working out 5-6 days/week, attending or watching sporting events, wrestling for fun, tailgating, being active and just having a good time. I enjoy traveling and spending relaxing hours on the beach listening to the waves, reading a book, and maybe even jogging or tossing the football around. With my outgoing personality, I am usually game for just about anything that doesn't have the potential to kill me...we only live once, so go for it! As an only child and true Virgo, it is clear that I absolutely love having it all but I am also the most free and kind-hearted person you may ever meet. 

A sincere passion for style, beauty, and everything fashionably fierce and stylishly savvy lead me to starting my own styling and image consulting business, Declarations Consulting, after 10+ years of teaching and coaching. I have often been compliment on my personal sense of style and called upon for fashion and image advice, so I decided to marry my passion for fashion and personal desire for my own business into a relationship that allows me to make others smile. I am a firm believer in that “Image is a Personal Reflection of You” and I enjoy helping and seeing others reflect a sense of style and personal; as well as, /professional image that is a positive representation of the individual they see and feel from within. In addition to my styling and image consulting business and my blog, I also started my own simple yet chic online tee shirt store, DC Designs, that showcases a few of own personal catch phrases. Fashion isn’t just a passion, as the saying goes, it is literally the very beat to my heart enclosed by my love of seeing others reveal what hides behind the mirror of their life.

Declarations Consulting, my business, and Darnel’s Desires, my personal fashion diary (blog), and DC Design, my tee shirts, are what keep me connectively grounded to all things fashionably fierce and stylishly savvy! I love what I do and look forward to what each day brings!!!

What is your blog about? & What are your goals for your blog?
Darnel's Desires is a daily personal fashion diary of my everyday sass and style! Ideally, my goal for Darnel's Desires is to gain more followers that will/can increase clientele for my styling and image consulting business: Declarations Consulting. In addition, I have a long standing desire to speak to middle school, high school, and college students on the importance of identifying and solidifying one's image in a positive way. In sush a visually motivated society, what we wear, how we carry ourselves, our hair, make-up, etc, are equally as important as degrees we earn and experiences we take advantage of!


What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite part about being a blogger is the extended network of like minded men and women that share my passion for style and fashion. Through blogging, I get to connect with individuals from all over on one platform to exchange ideas and concepts to giving/getting advice on all things fashion!

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
Choosing Houston Fashion Bloggers wasn't merely a choice, instead it was more of a fashion calling! I find that Houston's fashion scene is ofen overlooked due to lack of exposure and promotions. We have our own sense of style that I feel should be showcased and Houston Fashion Bloggers ensures that fashion is seen, heard, felt, understood, and respected....I wanted to be a part of sharing a little bit of our fashionably fierce and stylishly savvy "swagger" with all the fashionistas cat walking through the streets.

Look for Darnel & Darnel's Desires on the following social media outlets
Blog: www.declarationsconsulting.blogspot.com
Website: www.declarationsconsulting.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vdarnelthomas
Tumblr: www.stilettoswaggnsass.tumblr.com
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/darnelthomas
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vdarnelthomas


  1. Where can I purchase some of your tee shirts? You know I am not good with this BLOGGING..MOM


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