The Chic Exchange launches business program to ensure the ultimate Success Factor

Welcome to the new Millennium of Business!!! Gone are the days of traditional
business practices; where fundamental skills were utilized. Today being ahead of the curve
means: being innovative, tenacious, and plain out BOLD!!! When most women cringe from the
economic downtown; today's success stories embrace adversity, and use it as an opportunity for

The Chic Exchange Business Basics program is a comprehensive online experience where
women can be educated, empowered, and inspired. Women will be taught in an intimate setting
via tele-conference by an instructor that will utilize a hands-on approach. Each Chic Exchange
unit will include: a five week course curriculum that clearly outlines various business practices
that have a proven track record of merit and achievement.

Registration will be $30.00 per weekly course for the first ten women. Invoices will be e-mailed
to each registrant, and they will remit payment via PayPal. (150.00 total for five week course)
Once 10 women have registered, and then the course will close until the next session. Each
weekly course has a time allotment of 2 hours that will end with Q & A session

Chic Exchange Business Basics Course Outline

Week 1 (May 14 8pmCST-10pm)
Intro to Chic Exchange Business Basics

Week 2 (May 21 8pmCST-10pm)
What it your IT factor? Make it work for you!!!

Week 3 (May 28 8pmCST-10pm)
Effective Networking, Do's and Don’ts

Week 4 (June 4 8pmCST-10pm)
How can I effectively engage my Audience?

Week 5 (June 11 8pmCST-10pm)
How can I Build Relationships without Being Thirsty?

Welcome to the new Millennium of Business. Get Ready, Set and Soar!!!!

About Rebecca Briscoe:

While working as a National features correspondent at Houston Style Magazine, Ms. Briscoe
has garnered interviews with: Ambassadors, A-Listers, and sportsman. Making history is simply
not an option, it's expected where Rebecca's due diligence allowed Houston Style Magazine to
become the first minority publication ever to cover the ESPY's since the awards show 20 year
inception. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but the former Ebony Fashion Fair model's
credentials are just as impressive where she holds a BS in Education from LSU, a Masters in
Public Administration from TSU, and most recently acquiring a post graduate certificate in
Homeland Security from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A & M.
She is also the youngest instructor on staff in her department at HCC. Her most recent accolade
was being awarded one of the Top 25 Women of Houston this year for her hard work, discipline
and diligence. She has continuously broken barriers in her respective field, and left an indelible
mark on the face of Houston.


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