THE INTERVIEW: Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey of Beautiful Brwn Baby Dol by Jaded Kisses

Houston Fashion Blogger, Tina Dixon of Jaded Kisses was able to interview successful YouTuber Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey of Beautiful Brwn Baby Dol.  Check out the interview below:

In checking out people, places and things that are all the rage right now or have been for a while, I like to showcase extraordinary ones. Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey also known to the Youtube community as Beautifulbrwnbabydol. She is world renown for her natural hair care and losing over 100 lbs all while blogging on Youtube. She recently moved to Nacogdoches, Texas to teach at Stephen F. Austin State University. The ever stylish and gorgeous professor is not what most people think of when they Psych professor. She is all that and then some. This mega ball of love and energy exudes professionalism while she brings you up on game. She was recently featured in People's magazine for losing over 100lbs. I skimmed across one of her natural hair videos and before I knew it, several hours had passed and if seemed like the time just evaporated while watching her organize all the questions I had regarding my hair and becoming a better, healthier me. She answered every question as if I had personally handwritten her a note and passed it to her. She has a way about her that just makes sitting in front of your computer as important as showing up for classes on time and prepared to learn. Now I introduce to some and reacquaint with others,... Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey also known as Beautifulbrwnbabydol!!!
Interview Questions:

Who's your fashion inspiration?
BBBD: Michelle Obama,she inspired me to wear peplums and I also love Audrey Hepburn. I take the old with the new. I prefer 50's-70's style.

Describe yourself in 1 word.
BBBD: Supernatural

In the beginning of your health and fitness journey, what kept you going where others tend to fail?
BBBD: Thinking of it as lifestyle change instead of a quick fix is what kept me going.  When we get it in our mind that we are not going to fail, we don't. We succeed.

What trends are you currently feeling, if any?
BBBD: Peplums, bold colors, colors that people don't usually consider beautiful like some corals. I enjoy playing with colors and animal prints.

Who inspired your fashion sense/style?
BBBD: My Grandmother and my Mom inspired my fashion sense. My Grandmother was very stylish. She taught me how to high end shop on a low end budget. My mother helped me with dressing my body and dressing for different occasions.

What inspires BBBD?
BBBD: Living!!! I know that sounds crazy but what I mean is everyday I try to make myself better than before. Every chance I get, I try to do something better. Live life and be the best that I can be.
BBBD's before and after weight-loss pictures
Besides eating healthy and exercising, what else has been pertinent to your overall health of you hair and body?
BBBD: keeping stress levels low!!

How do you keep your styles from becoming mundane from month to month?
BBBD: Mainly,  keeping it moisturized, taking care of ends and things like that. I tend to  go with the flow. I try things that I see on people of other races and on tv and just not limiting what my hair is capable of.

When it comes to natural hair, people can tend to have negative connotations toward it. What would you say to inspire someone who may be misinformed about natural hair and the journey that it becomes?
BBBD: It's more than just what's on your head. It's about the whole transformation. All of us can't have the same look or the same hair.  It's about the beauty and the look at what's on the inside.
What's something very few people know about you as a person and as a brand?
BBBD:Although I am attributed heavily to natural hair, I initially came to YT for weight loss...not hair

What would you tell your younger self about life and all the things you have learned over the years?
BBBD: I would tell my younger self that things do get better. You will learn and will be just as great as you dreamed you'd be.
What legacy would you like to leave behind to the following generations?
BBBD:For that, I would say to live your own life. We are so caught up in trends, being the best and most well known. Stay in your lane. Take time to figure out your calling. Take time to get to know yourself and be the best at what you do.

What are 5 of your favorite staple products past and present?
  • Prostyle (brown) gel I love that stuff
  • Trader Joe Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Trader Joe's Tingle Tea Tree Conditioner
  • Koils by Nature their butters and conditioners
  • My Spray bottle
How does BBBD stay humble and grounded with her sense of self with all the success and achievements that you've gained?
BBBD: By staying prayed up, connected to community, and never forgetting where I came from helps out a lot.
How has Insanity been different  compared to any other fitness program that you have tried? BBBD: It's a mental challenge. It teaches you about your body and makes you step outside the box in order to achieve what you want.
What's next for BBBD?
BBBD: I am starting to delve in the more community and giving back. I am working towards gaining tenure in the next few years, publishing a book titled, "Super Natural" and doing a natural hair tour with Koils By Nature in Atlanta during April.

Nina Ellis-Hervey is a blogger,professor and a fitness & beauty guru. To see more of BeautifulBrwnBabydol, check out her social media sites:
Twitter: @ButflBrwnBbyDol
Instagram:: beautifulbrwnbabydol
Photo Credits:Brian PlutoLenz, Kwooten PR

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