How Blogging Has Changed my Life: Vernetta Freeney of Women are Game Changers

This post is part of our blogging series "How Blogging has Changed my Life". This is our first post, featuring Vernetta Freeney.
When asked how blogging has changed my life I had to sit and think about it. Just two years ago I was leaving my career in education. I had been in that field 9 years. Now I
Photo Credit: Vernetta Freeney
was on the path to a new journey. A few months later I started blogging again at the suggestion of my mom and a friend. I wanted to tell stories besides, it would give me something to do with my time.
I began Women Are Gamechangers as an outlet to share empowering stories of women who would not otherwise get recognition for what they do. A few months after starting my blog, I met the founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers via Twitter. We hit if off from that moment. But I’ll talk more about that later. Learning how to promote my blog on social media landed me an opportunity to write for a D.C. area website. They paid me. So I thought, why not get paid for real?
Over the course of these two years I have traveled for my blog, been invited to invite only events, spoken to various groups and created a business all from my blog. It’s been insane at times but exciting all at once. Being able to live my purpose and follow my passion has opened doors I never knew existed.
So how did meeting Shalanda Turner of Live Life In Style change my blogging life? She is definitely someone in the Houston fashion community you should know. Several huge opportunities have come my way all on her recommendation. That alone has helped to set my blog apart from others. What she does with this group is nothing short of amazing. It’s exactly what Houston’s fashion community needs.
Now back to me. Women Are Gamechangers has lead to opportunities where I’ve met awesome people who probably would not know my name otherwise. I get asked all the time about my blog and making money. I do run my like a business thus I have found ways to get paid. I created Fusion Tour which is my signature event. But most importantly, I share my authentic heart and that’s how I have grown my blog readership and online community.
Blogging has changed my life by allowing me to live life exactly the way I was meant to without asking permission. 


  1. Great post! Blogging has changed my life too. I totally know where you are coming from and yes, Shalanda is amazing!


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