AUGUST BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: Megan of Greetings From Texas

My name is Megan Silianoff and my blog is called Greetings from Texas. I’m also an author, as my memoir,99 Problems but a Baby Ain’t One – A Memoir about Cancer, Adoption, and my love for Jay-Z is being released this month. I also write freelance and manage social media for a handful of companies including Cheeky Vintage, here in Houston. I’m also a wife, mother, pizza connoisseur, and am obsessed with Downton Abbey and Homeland.

What is your blog about and your goals for your blog?
Greetings from Texas is a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on my personal style and Texas living. The biggest goal for my blog is to serve as a successful platform to sell my book, 99 Problem but a Baby Ain’t One. Additionally, I’d like it to continue to be a successful commercial/advertisement for theHouston Blogger Symposium, a Houston blogging conference that I put on last year and will do again in February of 2014.
What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about being a blogger is twofold. First is the people that I’ve met. I’ve made some of my greatest friends in Texas through blogging and now have a plethora of friends in various cities throughout the nation. Secondly, the experiences in which I’ve gotten to partake are a huge perk of being a blogger – sitting front row at Lucky Magazine’s Blogger conference, listening to Rachel Zoe speak, comes to mind as an example!!! It was bananas!!! =)
Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
It was a no brainer. A HUGE part of blogging is the community in to which we all contribute. HFB is also a great way to learn about the opportunities, events, and brands that are looking to work with local bloggers.


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