OCTOBER BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: Shunte of Beautifully Being U

My greatest pleasure is hosting events where I can provide an atmosphere that encourages laughter, smiles, uplifted spirts, and joy. As a single mother, I often wore many hats that called for all of my energy.  Even now as a wife, I still have a collection nearly arranged waiting for their day. So to put on these events brings great joy to see ladies, so who wear multiple hats at once, take a moment to enjoy just being a WOMAN!

"We are a beautiful creation; born purposed, strong, equipped to birth life, intelligent and many more adjectives that only describes our essence at levels words cannot fully express. Sometimes we need a gentle loving reminder of our calling that beauty is from the inside out"

In 2010, I published my first inspirational poetry book, "Therapy for Your Soul Book of Poetry" and in 2011 my first children's poetry book "The Day I Dressed the Big Boy Way". In addition to event planning, hosting events, and writing, I love to create handmade jewelry and accessories for my brand All Twisted by Design. I love creating, whether it is a piece of jewelry, art, or story.  Whatever I can envision, she replicates through attention to detail and focused passion.  Designing for me, is like breathing. It is a natural necessity for living.

"We all have a gift that can enrich this world
When we share our gifts we all benefit"

What is your blog about and what are your goals for your blog?
My blog is about my life as an event planner and business woman. It is also an extension of our magazine "Beautifully Being U!" providing a mixture of fashion, a behind-the-scenes perspective of our events, and inspiration

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about being a blogger is being able to share my passion for writing on a more continuous basis than writing books. I can blog on a whim, or dedicate a purposed blog for a cause, event, or source of inspiration.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
I joined the Houston Fashion Bloggers to be in the company of like-minded leaders of the community. Also to enjoy the opportunity to be a part of an organization that will expand my knowledge as a blogger and fashion lover.

You can find Shunte, her blog, and her businesses on the following sites:
Blog: www.beautifullybeingu.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/All.Twisted.By.Design
TBLE Website: www.totalbeautyladiesevents.com
(Non-Profit) My Beautiful Family Inc. Website: www.mybeautifulfamily.org
Twitter: @TotalBeautyLE & @mbf2013
Instagram: www.instagram.com/callme_mrsdavis


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