My name is Haley - a 26 year old Michigan native now living in Houston and working in product development for Igloo Coolers. I grew up in the great Mitten State and graduated from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) with a degree in Packaging (which no one ever understands - it's sort of like product development, but for consumer goods packaging, like cosmetics or food or a shampoo bottle). I moved down to Houston with my boyfriend, now husband, a couple of years ago. He is a geologist so Houston was a natural fit. We like it here - great people, lots to do, and an endless supply of unbelievably good food. A few things about me: I love to travel, I love to read, I can't get enough of good espresso or quality cocktails (but then again, who can't), I play piano and I'm currently working on the bass guitar, I have a freak obsession with the Harry Potter series and Leonardo DiCaprio, and if I could put truffle oil or truffle salt on every dish I probably would. 


What's your blog about and your goals for your blog?
One of my best friends Karrin and I started Style Sound about a year and half ago. We both grew up in Michigan but moved away to different cities (she is in Seattle now). After working in corporate America for a bit we both started craving the need for a creative outlet. We are both very passionate about personal style and music so we thought, let's blog about it! So we take turns posting and it's a great way for us to stay connected even though we are so far away from each other. We do outfit posts, wish list posts, write about who/what is inspiring us, and focus on new musical artists or songs that we hope will help our readers to expand their current libraries. The primary goal for this blog is for us to have fun and post about what we love while inspiring others who love the same things. We want to build a network with other bloggers and brands to get even more involved with a community of great/talented people who share our passions. We are also thinking about expanding our content to include things like travel and features on favorite local establishments, etc. 


What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about blogging is the people I have met. I've made some awesome friends that I would never have met otherwise and I am constantly meeting amazing women who motivate me to think outside of the box and take risks to do the things I love. I also love that the blog pushes me to explore and get creative with my closet and keep up with music. When working in corporate America it can be easy to fall into a routine - this blog keeps mine and Karrin's lives more interesting!


Why did you choose to join the Houston Fashion Bloggers?
When I started blogging I didn't know any bloggers in the Houston area. I joined Houston Fashion Bloggers as a way to build up a network and meet new people, and keep in the know about events going on in the city that I most likely wouldn't find out about otherwise. HFB is a great resource for all of that!


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