BLOGGER RECAP: Houston Press Artopia

Check it out! Houston Fashion Bloggers were provided with two Press Passes to attend Houston Press Artopia. Myself, Shasie, Founder of HFB and blogger at Live Life in Style attended the event with Mara, fashion blogger at Malibu Mara. The annual event was this past Saturday, January 25th at Winter Street Studios.  Houston Press Artopia is one heck of a good time. It's a culmination of everything you love about culture: Fashion, Food, Art, Music, & the Performing Arts.  Upon arrival, we peeped out the cool Houston Press Artopia projection on the side of Winter Street Studios, while entering the venue.
There's so much to take in at Artopia, that one just needs to start from the beginning and go through the maze of rooms, and performance stages.
Houston Press representing Houston Press at Houston Press Artopia....Get it yet? 
Fun wall decor and lights on some of the walls downstairs
DJ Kept us Jammin'
This entire bar was made our of ice....

This was literally the first display of artwork you see after coming up the stairs from the entrance and entering the event.  Neat fiber pieces of artwork...they almost look like wood.

How fun are these masks by Mr. John? Mardi Gras, anyone?
Photography is an amazing form of art, and this photographer captured some beautiful scenes
What's an Art event without painters? These young gentlemen live painted during Artopia
Mara caught on the scene with the banner paintings in the background
Where the Artists work

Of course you can't attend an event like Artopia and not notice the mass amount of individual expression going on around you!  Check out these looks from some of the patrons. Which look is your favorite?

The girl with the clutch! She made this clutch herself. It was a cute punk accessory that brought fun contrast to her evening gown.
From jewelry designers, to pop-up shops, there was no absences of accessories to peruse and buy!

Saving the best for last! Food! There's a complete section of Artopia where you just walk from one food table to the next eating samples of amazing cuisine. I admit that I might have overdid it a little bit....but can you blame me?
Pumpkin Mouse with Rum from Brio's Tuscan Grille
I definitely was not shy in trying out all the foods! A full plate from Brio's booth

Probably the most intriguing work or I should say works of art from the evening were displayed by Reece Carnley.  All of his pieces used real blood! Not human blood (whew!), but animal blood from the butcher nonetheless!

HFB Friend, Mallika poses with Reece's work Madame Guilliotine

Yes, this table is also painted in blood.
We secretly shrieked inside when we saw this Fashion's Night Out painting....I mean come on... we ARE Fashion Bloggers! 

Chloe Dao was one of 2 designers who showed their collection at Artopia.  The other designer was Danny Nguyene.  Chloe presented her Spring 2014 Dao Chloe Dao collection in all of it's 'editor street' splendor. The crowed loved these youthful and playful looks. 

For more scenes from our night, check out our Instagram handles: MalibuMara & LiveLifeinStyle and the hashtag #Artopia 


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