My name is Wanda Gilles and I’m a Haitian-Turks Islander from South Florida who recently moved to Houston for grad school and work. I’m a wife, a doggy mommy and clinical psychology student at Sam Houston State University. I’m currently working at a counseling center, I’m the marketing director for the event planning company Wallstreet Group in Miami and I blog. I am definitely a work-a-holic, and when I’m not working, I’m in church, shopping, reading other blogs, eating, or traveling.

What is your blog about and your goals for your blog:
L’union (Unity in French) Suite blog is an online scrapbook of my Haitian culture, news, fashion and music. Created in 2011, it serves as a daily culture, news, and fashion blog for all the other young sophisticated Haitians of the world. I didn’t know a lot about my Haitian culture growing up, so since I felt that I missed so much of who I am, I wanted to spend the rest of my life learning and also educating others about Haiti, Haitians and our culture. My blog started off as a hobby and with a few followers and has grown to be a very popular international blog with over 58,000 readers. As of right now I am so excited about the success and route of my blog that my only goal is that people continue to connect & share and God continues to give me the energy I need to keep my blog active and current.  
What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?Blogging is my time away from the world, it’s my peaceful time. When I first started blogging I never imagine my blog would become so popular in and outside of the Haitian American community. I love the emails and positive responses I receive from my readers about how much they have learned from my blog.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
Although my blog doesn’t just focus on fashion, I joined the Houston Fashion Bloggers when I first moved to Houston to get to know other bloggers and once I heard the word fashion I was definitely interested. As far as my love for fashion, it’s in my blood, I love everything about it and my family is embedded in it.  My mother is a very successful seamstress and designer in South Florida, my grandmother is also a seamstress, and my brothers are fashion design students with their own popular fashion clothing lines.

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  1. Looks like model portfolio and really beautiful dressing. You looks inspiration. Wanda Gilles i love your those pictures.


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