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My name is LaShic Mondrell. I was born in Peoria, Illinois but raised in Houston, TX. Recently, I enlisted in the Army as an Ammunition Stock Control & Accounting Specialist and start basic training at the end of April, which I’m really excited about!! My goal is to either get into investment banking or retail buying once I complete my military contract and go back to school to earn my Master’s degree.

I’ve always loved writing. Originally, my blog was just a fashion, natural hair, and beauty blog, but I decided to write about other topics such as changing my career path, joining the Army, basketball, music, TV shows, and other things just to share more of my personality and silliness like I do on my social media outlets.

What is your blog about and what are the goals for your blog? 
The manifesto for my blog is:              
1. Destination for the starting over individual
2. Very unusual yet exotic name given by her mother at birth that shaped a destiny to celebrate life and style
3. Silly and/or fulfilling musings & aesthetically enriching images
4. In April 2012, Forbes estimated that there are 18.9 million blogs written by women. So it's safe to say this is about the 20 something millionth female written blog
5. possessing both Shic (eclectic, unique) and Chic (classy, sophisticated) style or S'Chic style

My goals for my blog are:
1. Increase comment and reader engagement.
2. Increase my own personal engagement with other bloggers.
3. Start an online message board and live chats for other starting over fashionistas.
4. My ultimate dream goal is to offer life classes where I invite guest speakers like something along the lines of what Oprah does on OWN but also incorporating fashion, beauty, and hair forums as well as addressing more serious topics!!

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing about being a blogger is helping someone with my story. Whether it’s letting someone know how credible a new online fashion store is, walking someone through the natural hair and loc process, or giving someone the inspiration to start over and go for his or her aspirations.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?
I chose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers as a way of to connect with other Bloggers on and offline.


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