Art Institute Students Gain Real-World Experience at
The Smashin’ FashionTM Show
Houston’s Best Stylist CompetitionTM
Stylish Students Lend a Hand

HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 7, 2014)— Sarah Shah is reimagining the fashion-show experience with the first-ever Smashin’ Fashion Show—Houston’s Best Stylist Competition. As part of the project, Shah is offering Art Institute of Houston-North students a chance to co-create the July 31st show. The goal is for these up-and-comers to get hands-on experience in the fashion industry while working the event, held at The Art Institute’s Greenway Plaza campus, and gain valuable insight into what it means to have a successful career in fashion.

“Experiences like this are priceless,” said Kocayne Givner, Fashion Program Coordinator for The Art Institute. “This particular opportunity is a great way to have students from various programs working together in an incredibly diverse and team-oriented work environment. The Art Institute of Houston-North is very excited to participate in such a distinctive event.”

Art Institute of Houston-North students will assist producer BLiNC by Bambi Lynn in all aspects of the production—from assisting stylists and dressing models to shooting behind-the-scenes video and photographing guests as part of the red-carpet “paparazzi” to creating the multimedia runway experience and developing gift bags for attendees and production team.

“My job is to help expedite the creation of our uniform,” said Ayele Enders, Fashion Retail Management student. “I’m tasked with creating both individualized and easily identifiable shirts for the production team. I'm excited to participate in this show for many reasons—the number one being that, as a student, I want to take every opportunity available to actually work in my field.“

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About Sarah Shah:
Sarah Shah is a woman on a mission. Weary of seeing people fall victim to one-size-fits-all style advice, Shah helps her clients discover their authentic style instead forcing them into a “dress for success” mold. How? She starts with what the person loves and finds what’s right for their lifestyle before applying the trends, “rules,” or dress codes. Shah has appeared on TV over 80 times, helped hundreds of clients find their style, and written the definitive book on looking good in your own body: Dress Yourself Skinny. 

About The Art Institute of Houston-North:
This project is part of the Art Institute of Houston-North’s collaboration with Houston businesses to provide students with invaluable real-world project experience so they are even better prepared for work in their field after graduation.

The Art Institutes is a system of over 50 schools throughout North America. Programs, credential levels,
technology, and scheduling options vary by school and are subject to change. Several institutions included
in The Art Institutes system are campuses of South University or Argosy University. Administrative office:
210 Sixth Avenue, 33rd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 ©2014 The Art Institutes International LLC.

About BLiNC by Bambi Lynn:
BLiNC by Bambi Lynn is a fashion forward company, creating fashion events from model development, styling and runway choreography to world-class event design and production. BliNC innovates and brings the unexpected to life on the runway.

Bambi Lynn is the Co-Creator/Executive Producer of Fashion Houston 2010 and 2011. Lynn also produces fashion shows with individual designers from New York, Los Angeles and Houston as well as non-profit organizations. She surrounds herself with positive innovative young visionaries as she has helps “bring the world of fashion to Houston and Houston to the world of fashion.” Lynn is also the Fashion Event Producer/Corporate Promotions Manager for Page Parks Corporation. 


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