SEPTEMBER BLOGGER OF THE MONTH: Nanalli Johnson, Le Fleur NaturElle

My name is Nanalli, but I go by J'ai on my blog. J'ai (pronounced Zhae') is a part of my middle name and it flows with the French name of my blog Lafleur Naturelle. I am a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Criminal Justice major/Music minor) and also a graduate of the Art Institute (Fashion and Retail Management). Fashion has always been my passion alongside music. I've worked in the retail industry for over 17 years, mostly within a corporate setting. My love for fashion derived from my Mom and my Aunt.  Both of them had great fashion sense which was instilled in me at an early age. To this day, I am just as passionate about fashion as I was back then.

What is your blog about, and what are the goals for your blog?
My blog is about natural hair and fashion. La Fleur NaturElle began as a documentary of my natural hair journey. It was my personal diary (so to speak) of my new life within the natural hair community. I decided to combine my love for fashion and my hair journey into a blog that I could share with family and friends who inquired about both (my hair regimen and style of dress). I will continue to share fashion and natural hair info for my followers.

What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?
I love blogging because it is a platform for doing what I love. I have the opportunity to network with other bloggers and also discuss the latest in fashion, trends, and anything related to natural hair. To reiterate, it's almost like a live, personal journal that is shared with whoever finds interest in it.

Why did you choose to join Houston Fashion Bloggers?

Being a member of Houston Fashion Bloggers is a great way to connect, not only with other bloggers, but businesses as well. HFB keeps us in the loop about fashion events going on around the city.

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