BLOGGER RECAP: Houston Fashion Bloggers x Houston Bloggers Meetup


Good evening everyone! This is Jasmine Berry, the HFB Fashion & Marketing Intern, catching you up on our latest HFB meetup! The meetup was held in August and was a join meetup with Houston Bloggers! The members only event was hosted by the leadership teams of the Houston Fashion Bloggers and the Houston Bloggers, Shalanda "Shasie" Turner, Lisa Conder Stauber, Bobbie Byrd, and Taylor Brione. They educated us on the basics of blogging, which was great for a new blogger such as myself!

The amount of information taught and learned was plentiful. As bloggers, it allowed us to really grasp the concepts of this growing industry. The event was held at the Microsoft Store in the Galleria and sponsored by Drink Neuro, who kept us refreshed with their energizing drinks.

So exactly what did we learn? First up, was Shalanda Turner from Live Life in Style, who discussed blog posts basics. Her suggestions included:

 - Grammar and Spell-Checking Body of Text
 - Social Media Share Buttons
 - Call-to-Actions & Comments
 - Basic navigation tabs every blog should have
 - Quality and Engaging photos
 - Links to archived posts, recent posts, or similar posts
 - Structuring URLs, using tags/labels and more!

Bobbie Byrd, with Houston Bloggers and blogger at Clumsy Crafter focused on HTML basics and site design to make your blog stand out. She passed out handy information on Website Design Basics, and showed us the set up of her own blog. There was a brief segment on HTML coding, which was helpful, especially if you plan to eventually move to self hosting. Here were some of her tips:

 - Creating an eye catching bio and including a picture of yourself on the front page 
 - Having your preferred contact information available
 - Your features and press
 - Communication affiliations
 - Disclosure statement
 - Your collaboration/partnership/sponsorship info
 - Blog stats (followers, views, etc)

Lisa Stauber, founder of Houston Bloggers, co-founder of Blog Elevated and Blogger at Milehimama, gave options for domain registration, web hosting, and blogging platforms. There are numerous blog/website hosts out there such as Wordpress, Blogger, Go Daddy, & eNom. Personally, I started out with Wordpress, which was easier for me because it offered guidance in creating a smooth running blog. Honestly, it doesn't matter what host site you use, just make sure it works for you!

Lastly,  Lisa also spoke to us about being in control of your blog & "knowing your worth". She explained that "your domain name represents you" so you must choose wisely. As a blogger, your readers must trust your opinion, otherwise what is the purpose of your blog? More importantly, Lisa stated that you have to "own your're in control of it". Simple, but powerful advice! As bloggers today, we have great influence and must protect what we have.

Thanks Drink Neuro for being a sponsor!
Our lovely spread for the evening!
Shasie discussing social media buttons!
HFB Member, Tyonne, asking great questions!
Smile for the camera!
HFB Member, Malibu Mara introducing herelf at the meetup!

Lisa Stauber during her presentation
Bobbie during her presentation
LIsa Stauber, Shasie Turner, Taylor Brione & Bobbie Byrd
Group photo!
Photos by HFB Member and Photographer, Nicole Kestenbaum.


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