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I apologize for this being so late, school has been out for a vengeance lately, but I guess it's better late than never right?

Back in March, I attended the Fashion Group International of Houston's 2015 Spring Trends Event. It was held at the oh so posh Eyebar Houston, who knew you could look so chic while shopping for glasses? Anyways,this was a really great, fun and informative event.

It was Moderated by stylist Andrew Bonner who introduced the amazing panel consisting of; Makeup Artist Katie Burns, Director of Inventory and Product Manager of Lily Rain, Laura Lopez, and Fashion Stylist Todd Ramos.

The topics at the event ranged from makeup to how to dress in Houston weather, the panel did a great job of covering them all!

Key Clothing Trends for Spring 2015
-Flaired Pants
-Shirt Dresses
-Lots and lots of denim
-Fringe - purses, vests, shoes
-Natural Fibers
-Less Pastels
-Primary Colors
-Maxi Skirts
-Geometric Prints
-Lots of whites

Key Makeup Trends for Spring 2015
-Skin looks very natural
-Natural enhancements
-Flaming Lips (Natural face with a pop of color on the lips)
-Taupe colors and smokey eyes (smokey eyes were a more smudged look)
-Bronzey Skin
-Orchid on eyes
-Red-orange on lips
-Less defined brow

Color for Spring 2015
-Yellow & White
-Blue & White
-Military Green
-White head to toe

The impact of social media on trends
-Everyone feeds off of each other
-It's easy to see how to wear something
-Easy accessibility to the evolution of the world
-Exposes more creativity
-Fast-forwards trends
-To create a trend, we use social media, it's like hot press

How to use trends when buying for customers
-Choose pieces the customer will gravitate to and understand
-Educate them slowly but surely
-Style step with your customer, don't buy for yourself
-Persuade customer to try new things
-Know age group, mindset, and what she does

How to master the natural makeup look
-Apply tinted moisturizer (this gives a gorgeous glow and great coverage)
-Use a nice beauty balm
-Choose a bronzer without sparkle that's 2 shades darker than your skin
-Relax on your brow

How to easily change from day to night makeup
-Keep a variety of makeup in your makeup bag, in case you don't get a change to go back home
-Use a darker lip liner at night
-Use a richer eyeliner and smudge liner for a smokey night look

How to dress in unpredictable Houston weather
-Always wear many layers to accommodate for changes in temperature
-Conform to what fits the day
-Cotton and jersey are investment pieces for the Houston area

All of these topics were very informative of the spring season, however, the main take away and ongoing theme throughout the event was to KNOW YOUR PALETTE! Although something may be a  trend, it doesn't mean it will work for you, so know your palette and choose pieces that flatter you individually.

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